Kindergarten Graduation Portraits in Hamilton

Graduation photographs at a young age are incredibly important in a child’s overall outlook on their academic career. As a Hamilton child photographer, I believe that the process of preparing to have portraits captured, then later viewing the photographs which celebrate their achievement can encourage young children to set future goals. Photographs can also help young children develop self-esteem as they feel important throughout the process of being photographed, and have pride in showing the resulting images to family and friends.

One of my favourite images features a young girl posing with her Dr. Seuss book. As it is always my intention to capture the honest essence of each subject, I enjoying taking the time to engage each child by discussing their favourite academics, sports and hobbies before we begin. In this case, she became comfortable with my camera by firstly being photographed with her book — bringing out a genuine smile! Following this, we documented a more formal portraits, giving variety within a short graduation portrait session.

I can’t wait to photograph these little ones in the future — they have big dreams ahead! 

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