Hamilton Mini Sessions

Weir's Lavender Farm Family Portraits at Golden Hour

Located 40 minutes West of Toronto, but seemingly a world away, Weir’s Lavender Farm opened in 2009 with a small field containing several varieties of the beautiful purple flower. It has since grown to include a native wildflower garden, bee-keeping practice and store.

A venue which takes pride in their deep community roots, the location celebrates the connection between families and nature — a perfect venue for portrait photography. As a Hamilton family photographer, this location offered an incredible sunset glow from behind the field, and a seemingly endless backdrop that set the stage. I love engaging each individual with a few laughs before we get started, and then letting the moments unfold. As a family portrait photographer, it is my role to showcase each and every subject at their best — from little giggles of tiny tots, to the heartfelt connection of a couple in love — capturing authentic moments is all in the timing of each image.

One of my favourite images features a family of four, near the end of the event. As they held hands (mother and daughter, father and son) and made their way through the rows of lavender, I saw the sun drop down towards the treetops. With scattered clouds overhead, the purple field was mirrored above, and the warm glow of light brought a crisp clarity to the image. Quite simply, Weir’s Lavender Farm has some of the most beautiful light locally. It certainly inspires me, as a Hamilton family portrait photographer. 

I loved working at Weir’s Lavender Farm and hope this will become an annual event. Thank you to all who participated.

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Celebrating Spring with Mini Sessions in Gage Park

It was that time of year again — mini sessions at Kells Natural Photography! The theme was a celebration of springtime, perfectly timed to chase away the winter blues. The Hamilton, Ontario, outdoor park location was particularly well suited, with bright floral gardens, lush tree cover, and playful fountain ponds. As you can see below, several of our participants were quite excited by the flowing water!


Mini sessions are perfect for young children with short attention spans. We work quickly to keep them engaged, starting with a few formal portraits of the entire family, and then encouraging playful interaction between family members. In some cases, little ones wonder off to explore their surroundings. These “in-between” moments often tell the most genuine story, showing the inquisitive nature of youth, and the joy they experience in exploring the natural world.


As a Hamilton family photographer, I also find mini sessions are also ideal for those with particularly busy schedules. With two working parents, one child in baseball camp and the other at ballet practice, it can be difficult to arrange a longer portrait session. Mini sessions work well around your schedule, as you can select the time slot most suitable, often from a choice of two dates.


Mini sessions are frequently announced on our Facebook Page. We have a variety of themes throughout the year, but spaces fill quickly! “Like” us HERE: https://www.facebook.com/KellsNaturalPhotography

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