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The Monster Mash! Birthday Cake Smash Portraits in Hamilton, Ontario

Before the littlest ones are covered in icing, I enjoy capturing a few family portraits. Any time a session takes place at a family home, I love to incorporate details of the space. This result in a more personalized gallery of images. The tiny bench we found in the backyard was just the right size for the birthday boy!

baby portraits Hamilton.jpeg

It is always fun to see how different little ones will react to their first birthday cake. While some are eager to dive in, filling their fists with icing, others are more methodical in their approach.

Ontario cake smash picture.jpeg

I loved how this young lad’s monster-themed cake reflected the characters on his neck tie. Planning outfits in advance often is a worthwhile investment of time, as the colours and patterns chosen help tell the story in each image. As an example, vibrant colour accents create an uplifting tone perfect for celebratory events and children’s portraits while earth-tones suggest a warmth and are well suited for family or couple’s portraiture. As a Hamilton, Ontario, photographer, I am happy to offer general guidelines to those planning their session with Kells Natural Photography, in order to ensure a fantastic result!

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Like father, like son!

Father and son cake smash photo collage.jpg

You can certainly see the resemblance between brother and sister in the image below! Both children were excited to have an entire cake to themselves!

siblings cake smash photo shoot.jpeg

I also like to make sure I capture the special moments as family when I can. Children's Birthdays are special for EVERYONE!
Be sure to contact me today to book your Family shoot and/or Cake Smash!!

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Ontario family photos Hamilton.jpeg
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Iconic Dundurn Castle Family Photographs

Everyone expects to receive gifts during major holidays including Christmas, Thanksgiving, and New Year’s Day. Kells' Natural Photography loves to surprise our followers with “just because” gifts on ordinary dates — this is exactly what happened on April 19th, 2017, when we put out a call asking our online friends to celebrate joy in the world by telling us something that made them smile that ordinary day.

Natural family portrait photographs Hamilton.jpeg
Dundurn Castle photo shoot ideas.jpeg
Dundurn Castle children photos.jpeg
Dundurn castle brother photo session.jpg

Once a few portraits of the entire family have been captured, I love to work with the children individually from their parents, while maintaining a visual connection between all members. It is at this point that the individual personalities shine — the boys are great dancers and were eager to show off their “dab” move.

Family photos at Dundurn Castle DAB.jpeg

I love the combination of architecture and natural backgrounds, all within one location. This variety helps to tell a more complete story.

Hamilton family portraiture.jpeg
boys pictures Hamilton.jpeg

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Weir's Lavender Farm Family Portraits at Golden Hour

Located 40 minutes West of Toronto, but seemingly a world away, Weir’s Lavender Farm opened in 2009 with a small field containing several varieties of the beautiful purple flower. It has since grown to include a native wildflower garden, bee-keeping practice and store.

A venue which takes pride in their deep community roots, the location celebrates the connection between families and nature — a perfect venue for portrait photography. As a Hamilton family photographer, this location offered an incredible sunset glow from behind the field, and a seemingly endless backdrop that set the stage. I love engaging each individual with a few laughs before we get started, and then letting the moments unfold. As a family portrait photographer, it is my role to showcase each and every subject at their best — from little giggles of tiny tots, to the heartfelt connection of a couple in love — capturing authentic moments is all in the timing of each image.

One of my favourite images features a family of four, near the end of the event. As they held hands (mother and daughter, father and son) and made their way through the rows of lavender, I saw the sun drop down towards the treetops. With scattered clouds overhead, the purple field was mirrored above, and the warm glow of light brought a crisp clarity to the image. Quite simply, Weir’s Lavender Farm has some of the most beautiful light locally. It certainly inspires me, as a Hamilton family portrait photographer. 

I loved working at Weir’s Lavender Farm and hope this will become an annual event. Thank you to all who participated.

Hamilton Lavender Farm Photo Ideas.jpeg
Family Portraits at Weir's Farm.jpeg
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My Son, Cian. Yes, My Son Who Wears Dresses

I'm an amazingly lucky mother to my fabulous 5 year old son Cian.  We live in Ancaster Ontario, just outside of Hamilton.
Our story recently went viral over a blog post I wrote on Bored Panda found here: http://www.boredpanda.com/my-son-cian-yes-my-son-who-wears-dresses/
But, I'd love to share it with all of you here as well.  My son is a part of my life and my photography.

Being a Parent means a lot of different things to many different people. What does being a parent mean to me? It means, putting someone before myself. It means, loving someone more than anything in the entire world. It means, raising a child to become the best version of themselves. To encourage. To respect. To inspire and develop the next generation of our society. Becoming a parent no longer is about US. It’s about THEM.

In 2012 I became a parent. Becoming a parent changes you. Sometimes for the best and for some, for the worst. Having my son changed me for the best. I need to be an example for my son. I want my son to grow up knowing he has a voice. Grow up knowing he can do and be ANYTHING he wants to be in this world. Grow up having the confidence to express himself. Grow up being able to LOVE himself. So, I made sure I did (and still do) these things for my son.

This is my son Cian and he loves to wear dresses.

Cian also loves to wear a cape and play Superhero. He loves Ironman, Paw Patrol, Hiking, playing cars and cutting his hair short to look like other men he sees. My son is a boy. He knows he’s a boy. We are teaching him that girls have a vagina and boys have a penis. ** He has a penis, he is a boy. ** He doesn’t use his penis to be able to wear a dress, nor does he use his penis to operate the dolls and cars he plays with. His gender does not dictate what he should wear or what he should play with because he does not use his gender to operate or use it. My husband and I are raising him without gender stereotypes.

We’ve never taught it to him “This is for girls and this is for boys” and we never will. Why should we? What difference does it ACTUALLY make? I am indifferent if you agree with what I’m encouraging my son to do with expressing himself. I’m aware that it’s unconventional. I don’t expect you to agree. What I DO expect is respect. What I DO expect is not to be treated like I’m abusing my son. What I DO expect is for people to see that my son is HAPPY and realize that that is all that matters at the end of the day. Because I became the parent he needs me to be, he has more confidence in his little finger than most adults will ever have in their entire life. Because I am the parent he needs me to be, he knows he is able to love and express himself without shame. That me and his father will love him without fail. I’m not only the parent he needs me to be, I’m the parent I WANT to be.

This is my son Cian and he is a five-year-old boy.

**(We don’t believe this is always the case ie: trans-gendered. Some days he says he wants to be a girl with a vagina and we simply tell him, “When you’re an adult, you can certainly make the decision to change to that if you wish”. He’s 5. He also wants to be a Mermaid and Ironman. We’re keeping it simple right now lol. We support our child in whoever they are and look forward to seeing how their gender expression manifests as they age. The most important thing to us is the health and happiness of our son.)